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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. — Genesis 1:1

Genesis: Beginning of Truth

Genesis is the book of beginnings. There is nothing else like it in all the world. It gives us the origin of all things. The first verse of the first chapter of the Bible says this: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). Among the many truths we can glean from this verse alone is the understanding that it obliterates most of the erroneous philosophies that have come up during the history of mankind. Notice what is refuted by that single statement:

Atheism. Atheism means “no God.” It is contradicted by the declarations that God was “in the beginning” and the universe was created by God.

Pantheism. Pantheism is the belief that everything is God. It is the basis of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions. Since it teaches that everything is God, it obliterates all moral distinctions, because if everything is God, then everything ultimately must be good.

Polytheism. Polytheistic religions say there are many gods. This is repudiated because verse 1 declares that “God” created; that one God is the Creator of all things. Materialism. Materialism is the shared view of humanism, secularism, and communism. It is the idea that there is nothing in the universe but matter. But here the Bible tells us that matter had a beginning. Before there was matter, there was God. Dualism. Dualism is the basis of religions, like Zoroastrianism, which say, in effect, that there are two gods: one evil and one good. Clearly this verse contradicts that by saying there is one God who created all things. Evolutionism. Genesis 1:1 refutes the belief that the heavens and earth evolved because it declares that God created them.

All of those philosophical systems exhibit the basic concept of unbelief. They are part and parcel of man’s rejection of God’s revelation of Himself as the Creator of all things.