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Genesis and the Physical Curse

There is both a physical and a spiritual dimension to the curse. Here we
consider the physical dimension. God pronounced the curse first upon Satan for deceiving and tempting the woman, and then upon the woman, saying her suffering in childbirth would be greatly multiplied and that she would be in subjection to her husband because of her initial sin.

To man, God said that no longer would work be a delight, as it had been when he had dressed and kept the garden, but it would become a matter of labor and toil. In the sweat of his brow, in the midst of thorns and thistles, he would bring forth the bread he would eat. The whole animal creation, because of man’s sin, came under the curse, and what were kind and loving pets became dangerous, wild, poisonous creatures. The earth itself was cursed because of sin.

Finally, physical death eventually caught up with Adam. It catches up with all of us, involving diseases and the various forms of illnesses and weaknesses that finally lead to death. We see the evidences of that curse everywhere. They are omnipresent, from birth until death.