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Scripture: Exodus 14:5-16
Preached at: Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Date: September 20, 1992
In Genesis man began in a garden and ended in a coffin in Egypt (as in the death of Jacob and Joseph). And the book of Exodus is the story of the way out. So it is in the life of the Christian, that no sooner have we received Jesus Christ, and started on our way in the Christian life, until we discover that those sins we thought we had cast off have come after us. And they would ensnare us again and bring us back into bondage that we might feel the whip once more upon our back. But the command of God at just this very point is to go forward. And the lesson, my friend, is this: Unless we go forward in our sanctification, we will inevitably be drawn backward into the slavery and bondage of sin. And we are to go forward in our Christian life even in the face of great obstacles. What obstacle are you facing in your life? What obstacles does the church of Christ face? God has given us many challenges. There are many seas and rivers to be crossed and they can only be crossed by faith. So, we are to go forward from the bondage of sin. We are to go forward through the obstacles that face us, whatever they may be, however great they may be. That is what God calls us to do.
Scripture Reading
English Standard Version (ESV)