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Training Your Children

Topics: Education
Preached at: Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Date: June 6, 1993
Education is very important. But lately God has been kicked out of the schools for the most part. Students have been taught the doctrines of atheism and godlessness and immorality and they have often gone back to oppose vehemently the teachings of their own parents. Many a parent has asked, “What has happened? Where did I go wrong? How could my child have so completely turned his back on what I taught him when he was just a little boy?” So not only do we have a moral collapse, but we have an educational collapse, as well. What do the schools say? They say the problem is very simple: We need more money! My friends. America spends far more money per student than any other nation in the world. In recent comparative tests of American students with the 17 industrialized nations of the West, we scored last in two categories and first in none. We have passed the level of Albania and have reached the educational level of Zambia and the Ivory Coast.
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