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If Any Man Thirst

Preached at: Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Date: April 20, 1997
Dr. Kennedy notes that the glass of water you drank this morning may indeed have been part of the water that Adam scooped up out of the river and drank in the Garden of Eden. Or it might have been part of the water that helped to buoy up Noah’s Ark, or it could have been water that came from Jacob’s well on which Jesus sat when he talked to the Samaritan woman. Or as one hydrologic engineer stated, “Water is ageless and indestructible.” You can boil it away and watch it go up in steam to the heavens, but it comes back again as rain. You can freeze it into a solid rock, but spring cometh and the waters run again, as they have discovered in the Midwest. You can mix it, corrupt it, pollute it, but no matter what you do to it, nature’s magnificent water filtration system will cleanse it, separate it, purify it, and give it back to you again. It is ageless and it is indestructible, and it is also absolutely essential for our physical life.
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, knew that we not only have a need for physical water to quench our physical thirst, but we have a spiritual thirsting, which all of the water if they were fresh, all of the oceans of the world, could not assuage---a longing, a thirsting after God.
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English Standard Version (ESV)